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Natural Health Practitioner
As a natural health practitioner, Floriana approaches an individual's health through holistic modalities and interdependent parts. If one part of the person is not working properly, the other facets of that person will also be affected. This includes physical, emotional, mental and spiritual facets of the person. Floriana helps her clients create balance to live a happier, healthier and fulfilled life.


Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Floriana is a registered holistic nutritionist that uses evidence and science-based tools to help her clients to achieve their health goals and concerns through eating wholesome and nutritional food. In addition, she recommends how to include a healthy lifestyle and other supplementation to create holistic healing through nutrition.



As a herbalist, Floriana uses pure medicinal herbs to help a person accelerate in healing, restore imbalances and create positive changes in life so that her clients can achieve optimal holistic health goals.



Iridology is the science of analyzing the iris of the eye to identify markings and colorings. Floriana uses iridology as an assessment tool to help reveal levels of health and well-being and is used for root cause analysis.



Reflexology is a unique method that involves areas of the foot and hand that corresponds to organs and systems of the body. Floriana uses manual treatment with the foot and hand to help bring relaxation and healing to the corresponding areas of the body.

Personal Trainer

Floriana has been a personal trainer for many years. She motivates and inspires clients of all fitness levels. Floriana is trained to uniquely design an effective and safe fitness program based on the individual’s fitness needs and goals.



"I am so grateful for finding Floriana. She has been great in helping me lose weight but more importantly, helping me learn to live a healthier lifestyle with food and exercise. Floriana is very patient and encouraging on this journey. I have learned to read labels and ingredients on everything I want to buy better and it helped me change my kids diet too. No more sugar whenever they want, also the importance of putting the right combination of foods together for sustainable energy. There are no prepackaged foods with Floriana. It is about making right choices, eating whole foods and exercising. Thank you, Floriana."

'"Hello dear all .. I would like to share something from my experience which to me is a miracle simply because I was skeptical that it would really work for me .. I’m a woman of 52 years of age and had a root canal done recently but the pain and acute sensitivity from warm/cold food and beverages left me helpless and in a lot of trauma and pain after 2 and a half months of surgery which I thought was the ultimate cure to my dental problem .. until I discussed it with Floriana and she gave me the natural herbal remedies to help and I was surprised that gradually the pain and sensitivity vanished like magic.

I am so grateful to dear Floriana for supporting me and helping me out of my trauma!" - Meenakshi

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